Starbucks Copycat: Quick, Cheap, Healthy & Delicious Lavender Drink

Starbucks Copycat: Quick, Cheap, Healthy & Delicious Lavender Drink

Summer is coming. As the heat increases, cooling off with delicious drinks becomes more of a necessity. Why step out into the summer humidity to pay $6 for a drink you can make in the comfort of your own home? Grab a to-go cup and take it outside to go lounge by the pool.

When you’re looking to save your footprint, be more mindful of your waste consumption, and save your hard-earned cash, making Starbucks dupes at home is the best option. From iced coffees to tea drinks, any drink can be made at home. For cheap. And you can add your own spin to it.

〰️ Lavender Drink 〰️

  • 2 teabags passion tea (if you can get loose, it’ll be a better, low-waste option)

  • almond creamer (homemade for low-waste or sweet & creamy Silk creamer)

  1. Brew a pint of passion tea. Let it cool.

  2. Once cooled, pour it over ice.

  3. Add creamer to taste. I like a big splash. Maybe 2-3 tablespoons but you can add more if you like it creamier. Additional vanilla syrup or a berry syrup is entirely optional. I prefer it without.

  4. Stir or shake it in a covered mason jar.

This drink is simple, light, low-cal, and refreshing.