Tarot Card of the Year

Tarot Card of the Year 2019 | 0 The Fool

I swear the Fool and I have a recognized relationship with one another. I pull it often during times of renewal and rebirth (like Easter and Midsummer solstice) .

Shuffling the deck nine times after cleansing the deck with palo santo and selenite, I pulled a card from the deck and laid it in front of me. Eyes closed (not always an occurrence but sometimes I enjoy the inner quiet of my mind before a pull), hand feeling the gentle pulse and tug of the kid beneath my fingertips. As I pull, I gently open my lids to the light. Before me, a bright, light-hearted card. The Fool.

For the year find yourself asking, what are you being asked to leap into with faith and trust? The Fool is a card of beginnings and of innocence. A door is before you, opening. Welcome yourself in and trust the vulnerable unknown of the world. Believe in your journey that it will be a successful one. Drop the worries. Feel them but allow them to drop away beneath you. Like the Fool, lead a carefree life. He trusts in his feet and the power of where the universe will bring him.This card is about personal growth, faith, new experiences, and belief within ourselves. To know we can trust our hearts to make the right decision.

The Fool is also a symbol of naïveté. Stay cautious but receptive. Don’t let the doubts hold you back.

Take a deep breath. Jump. Fly. Trust in yourself.


Shayna Shattelroe

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