Exploring Trails in the Rain

Spring is here and so are rain showers. However, adventures don't stop for us regardless of the weather. Yesterday, we visited Wadsworth Falls State Park with our friends to search for waterfalls. The air was warm when we arrived with gray skies hovering above us. The park had a little beach directly off the parking lot and through a small, covered bridge but the water was nonexistent. The kids ran and sat and felt the sand fall through their fingers and climb into their shoes and wiggle around under them. My friend, Brittni, spotted a little bone hiding in the sand and pointed to it with her foot. I grabbed it immediately and am excited to find out what it came from. 

After the sandy beach, we began to walk the trails. Small and slow drops of rain started to lay on our faces. Brittni forgot her baby carrier for her littlest one so she trooped it with a stroller. We went up through stone and then followed the trail to the right where it became Earth again. Then the path evened out for a few and under our feet, was dirt and tree roots. Halfway through our walk, the rain came down quicker but never pouring. The kids were wet - one wrapped up in a blanket and one in a jean jacket but still smiling, laughing, running, and enjoying themselves.

Eventually, we came to a crossroads with a sign saying "Little Falls, Big Falls" pointing in opposite directions. Both paths were rocky and the rain didn't seem to be letting up so we decided to turn around. On the way back, the kids threw leaves and enjoyed inspecting mossy stone and played hide and seek behind big tree trunks. It was a perfect day filled with rain and dirt and mud and sand and trees. We'll definitely be coming back, better prepared and ready to finally find the waterfalls. 

Maddox's romper: Rags to Raches.
Maddox's teething necklace: Full Moon Mothering

There were signs for this mansion and wedding venue near the park so after we left, we followed them, not knowing what to expect. The structure of the building is gorgeous and there are multiple trails that lead into the woods throughout the property. It's such a beautiful place for those that like extravagant weddings. It's not for me, but it's perfect for someone and it was nice to find this little hidden gem in our state.