Is Summer Ever Ending?

Things are humid here. Think: hair frizzing as big as Nanny Fine's kind of humid. Less put together but just as large. We've had such a good summer here. We were able to go up to New Hampshire on vacation for a week, we've been to the beach a few times, swimming in the lake, went kayaking, visited submarines, we've gone on a hike, and so much more fun stuff. We had a wholesome summer filled with memories. 

But my heart is in Autumn. Always autumn. The cool, crisp air. The color palette. The spookiness. It calls to me like a lost lover. I will admit, I hate that winter follows it. It's a beautiful season filled with a tranquil calm. A reminder good things must come to an end, but they always come back. The seasons teach us things often come in cycles. Little rhythm patterns. Sometimes I wish I lived in a place without winter but I know it brings me this sense of humbleness. Things are uncomfortable in winter. The bulkiness of clothes I feel are weighing me down, the constant drip from my nose, the redness of my cheeks, the shoveling of the cars with sore muscles we could only wish hot chocolate could cure. On the plus side, the beauty of winter is honestly unmatched. The coziness. Curling up with movies, making snowmen, peppermint coffee, lots of baked goods to keep your house warm. 

Although I'm over the humidity, I am sad to see summer go. What did you do this summer? What's your favorite season?


Shayna Shattelroe

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