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Happy 50th Anniversary, Star Trek

One of my all-time favorite shows is Star Trek. The colors, the acting, the costumes, the occasionally cheesy effects & action, the characterizations, the sets, the desire for acceptance, peace, hope, prosperity, tolerance, everything. On September 8th, 1966, the first episode of any Star Trek ever appeared on television. It was and is still such a ground-breaking show and has since come onto the screen in a variety of ways (new TV series, cartoons, films, etc) and it has been loved and followed by millions of people.

I could watch the original series over and over again. Actually, I do watch the series over and over again. In honor of the birth of Star Trek 50 years ago, I give you 5 of my favorite episodes. If you've never seen Star Trek, start with one of these and you won't be disappointed.