Robin Hood's Springtime Renaissance Festival 2017

I have been going to Renaissance faires for 5 years now and each year, there's always something new to see. A new act, or a new artisan, or new, creative costumes by the patrons attending. This year, I met a brilliant crafter that creates furs using only roadkill. She talked to me a little about sustainability in the fur industry and how the amount of roadkill on US highways alone could be savored for use instead of killing innocents. 

Every year I've gone, I've hunted for various garb pieces to create an outfit but none of them caught my eye. All were too peasant-styled or held too much color and I wanted something I would feel comfortable and beautiful in. Then it finally struck me: a Viking shieldmaiden, of course. The leather corset and dagger was picked up at a Renaissance Faire a couple years ago, the white undershirt I've had for years, my lace-up shoes came from CiCiHot, and the rest was thrifted. I'll slowly be adding a proper linen tunic, apron dress, and brooches but this works wonderfully in the meantime. 

What's your favorite time period in history?