Celebration of Motherhood

You are a universe of bones, flesh, blood, mind, and spirit created in my womb. And yet, even though I created you - you created me. A mother. A mother of strength, courage, kindness, hope. You tore down what I was and you saved me. You turned me into something better. No matter how good I was before, you have made me something more. You and I have found home in one another. A safe place. Everyday we are weaving together and simultaneously growing apart. Yin and yang. A scale always teetering but always finding balance. The umbilical cord may have been cut at birth, but there will always be an invisible trace of it no matter how far from me you are. An invisible connection of love we'll always know is there.

A little over two years ago, I was molded into a mother and every day, I grow stronger and wiser as one. Unconditional love fuels me. It guides me along this path of beautiful imperfection. It takes my hand when I'm scared or confused or worried I'm not doing enough. Love is my light that shimmers bright no matter the situation. Love isn't perfect. It's messy and difficult. It requires attention and maintenance. It requires mistakes and learning. But it's always here. Growing like plants from nourishment, gentle hands, and a consistent sun.

I am grateful for all the mothers in my life who have taught me compassion, strength, resilience, perseverance, patience, kindness, gentleness. No matter how incredible and fulfilling, motherhood is a daily battle. Thanks to the mothers in my life, the mothers I can lean on, the mothers I can go to for advice, the mothers who are just as confused and worried as I, the mothers who hang out with me, the mothers who mother similar to me, the mothers who laugh with me, the mothers who love me, the mothers who support me. Thanks to all of you, I have journeyed into motherhood with much more ease and grace than I would have otherwise. Thank you. Deeply, sincerely. My motherhood is created with pieces of yours. It's wrapped into my kindness, my love, my knowledge and they all thread together to create who I am as a mother. And I am ever so grateful for all of you that have crossed my path. 

And major gratitude belongs to my mother. She is the reason I'm able to write this right now. She has, over the years, become one of my best friends. She has been by my side through my own journey of motherhood and has been nothing but supportive, helpful, and caring. I'm also thankful for David for being part of the reason I am a mother. His encouragement and love has lifted me to new heights. And to his mother for creating such a wonderful, nurturing, and loving son. Her compassion is inspiring.

Today we hold space for:

  • those that have given birth + are raising littles
  • those that are trying to conceive
  • those that are unable to conceive
  • those that using a surrogate
  • those that have fostered littles
  • those that have said goodbye to littles much too soon
  • those that have lost their mothers
  • those that have an amazing relationship with their mothers
  • those that have mothered and have become grandmothers
  • those that have strained relations with their mothers
  • fathers that have taken on the role of mothers
  • those that choose not to be mothers

Shayna Shattelroe

25 years old. Mama to Maddox. Word weaver. Lover of love. Coffee addict. Psychological science student. 

A woman of curious nature, my name is Shayna. I am wild & reserved. Humbled & proud. Quiet & clamorous. Strange & familiar. I live in the trees of New England typing away as lifestyle blogger. You can always find me with a coffee cup in one hand and a book in the other.

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