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First Picnic of the Season

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous out which means it's finally outdoor season. This seasonal funk I've been in has finally been lifted and I feel whole again. Winters are so hard, dark, and dreary. It really takes a lot of my energy and shoves it into deep corners, hidden by the early nightfall. 

I'll be happy when we turn our clocks back this weekend and finally have more sunlight!

A Slow Transformation

Motherhood always has the word transformation looming in my head. Ideas are rattling inside me on ways to be better. Better for me, better for my partner, better for my son. I am shaping my life the way I want it to be. I finally feel free of the hooks of self doubt that had me captive for so long. I'm excited and inspired by the prospect of our future. 

Art Days With Maddox

I'm hopelessly unartistic. I used to draw, doodle, and paint when I was younger and was fairly decent at it but I've always been much better creating visuals with words rather than images. I've always worried about perfecting the way my words flowed together rather than worrying about the shading on drawings and slowly, my drawing skills completely fizzled out.

Dave's the artistic one. I love the way his mind allows an image to flow onto paper from his hand. It's truly magnificent and something I hope that trait is instilled into Maddox.