Little Things

  • Watching: Dave and I started 13 Reasons Why. Everyone's talking about it and usually it's not my type of TV show (granted, I try to avoid tv in the first place). People either love it or completely hate it but it follows a teenage girl attempting to navigate her way through high school while simultaneously being bullied and being let down by people she calls friends constantly. This ultimately leads her to kill herself and she leaves tapes for the 13 people that wronged her. If you've ever gone through depression or rough patches, it's definitely relatable. Fair warning, it can be triggering. 
  • Reading: Six of Crows. I've known about this series for a while now but I haven't actually started it until now. When I ordered the book and opened the packaging, I was thrilled to see it had black edges. Ugh. The aesthetic of the book is gorgeous and already draws me in. It's about six outcasts that take on a deadly heist (my favorite) so I can't wait to dive into it.
  • Crafting: A weekly rhythm chart that will make my stay-at-home-mom life a little easier. 
  • Thinking about: A new bookshelf. We have a decent sized one in the living room and a smaller one in the bedroom. And then books scattered around the house because that's not nearly enough space for all the books I own and continue to bring into the house (minimalism, I love you but you won't take my books). 
  • Missing: Flea markets. We haven't been able to make it to one yet since they opened a couple weeks ago so I haven't gone since last year!
  • Sipping: Delicious dark coffee with raw sugar and vanilla almond milk creamer. Much needed. 
  • Laughing: With my little fox. He's always being a little silly, even when he just says sweet little words. 
  • Learning: I've been nurturing my knowledge on herbs. 
  • Loving: The warm, sunny weather compared to the gray skies we've been having. 
  • Eating: A fruit bowl. 
  • Dreaming: Of Spring adventures and all the places I can't wait to go to. 
  • Listening: The Builders and the Butchers. 
  • Smelling: Lemon essential oils. 
  • Organizing: I went through our walk-in closet over the weekend, got rid of a bunch of toys, shoes I don't wear, clothes I don't wear, and made it a little bit neater. It still needs a little work but it's getting there. 
  • Wearing: Denim black skirt and a white top with knee high socks. 

Shayna Shattelroe

25 years old. Mama to Maddox. Word weaver. Lover of love. Coffee addict. Psychological science student. 

A woman of curious nature, my name is Shayna. I am wild & reserved. Humbled & proud. Quiet & clamorous. Strange & familiar. I live in the trees of New England typing away as lifestyle blogger. You can always find me with a coffee cup in one hand and a book in the other.

Blogging since 2005, I’ve had an innumerable amount of blogs on a vast number of platforms. Finally, I’ve found one to call home: The Lovely Cicada. This blog is a piece of myself I extend to you.