Weekend Links

Do you call a vulva, vagina? If so, you're wrong

Our mothers as we never saw them

This is a new game you have to start playing. 

The perks of being late.

This melon mozzarella basil salad is a must-try this summer. 

Want ethical, luxurious, customizable and made-to-order fashion? Frilly has you covered.

How to be friends with another woman

Want a creepy twist onto your evening with friends? Morbid Curiosity turns dark topics into a party game. 


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Weekend Links

Have you gotten your child a copy of Little Blue Truck's Halloween yet? 

This punk rock coffee shop looks incredibly delicious!

The K-Cup: a wonderful idea with environmentally disastrous consequences. Make sure to get reusable ones!

How beautiful is this photo of a newborn embracing his sick twin?

Store your water in copper! Here's a beautiful one. 

These rappers rap in an endangered language.

This Edward Gorey tarot set is absolutely stunning. You can buy it here.

Don't forget what's happening with the North Dakota pipeline

A WWII veteran was reunited with a Holocaust survivor he set free.

Try these Jamaican jerk chicken tacos over the weekend. 

5 Coffee Table Books

5 Coffee Table Books

Books are my favorite and I have them strewn around my home. A wonderful way to style them is on coffee and end tables. Sometimes topped with a vase or small object, or sometimes just stacked one on top of the other. Um, how perfect is that? You get a beautiful decor and a way to gain insight. It's such a simple and useful way to add a little design to your home and a great way to adorn your empty tables.

And another tip for inexpensive art? Cut out one of your favorite pages and frame it. Boom. Simple, easy, cheap. 

Anyway, these are my top 5 favorite coffee table books.

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