Shared One Bedroom Apartment | Video Tour & A New YouTube Channel

Happy new year! Wishing you all an abundance of amazing things and experiences in 2019. In December, I decided to start a YouTube channel. It’s in the beginning stages and it’ll be an eclectic mix of the knowledge and interests I have and will grow based on the content you all enjoy the most. Let me know what that is by liking, subscribing, and commenting so we can connect!

One of the first videos I put up is a bedroom tour. The three of us live in a sweet and cozy one bedroom apartment. It’s spacious with a big enough bedroom, bathroom, walk-in closet, living room, and kitchen for all of us to enjoy. I know there are parents out there struggling with the same situation and I want to let you know it’s possible to exist happily in a tiny space. If I could, I’d buy a bus and live in that for a while. Experiences over material possessions always.

I often find myself rearranging and this is my favorite rearrangement so far. I was nervous about whether I’d like the desk in front of the window but I’m so excited for it and slightly appalled I didn’t put it there sooner. Our son still crawls into bed with us so I’ve delayed getting him a bigger bed and I love the look of floor beds so much! He still fits in it and enjoys his bed right now so we may continue to delay it a little longer.

What are your thoughts on small spaces? Do you live in one?

Montessori-Inspired Floor Bed

Over the weekend, Dave and I decided to transform Maddox's bedroom corner into something much more cozier. The crib was bulky and useless for a little man who never slept in it. So, instead of turning it into a toddler bed, we took it down all together and stored it away. We kept the mattress and purchased a comfortable cover with some plush to it, a soft blanket, and a couple pillows for decoration. 

We live in a small yet spacious one-bedroom apartment and organization is the key to staying sane. The way we do it is by practicing minimalism and keeping inspired for our son by the organization strategies of Montessori. I'm always going through and chucking out the things we don't need or things that don't give us pleasure. Everything has its place and it allows us to never be overrun with too much

Montessori usually skips the crib altogether and a floor bed is used since infancy. This helps teach children independence. It allows them to get up and out on their own, have their own space, and it's at their height - not too tall and intimidating or too small. Plus - it looks adorable. 

Once we move out into a larger living space, I definitely want to get him this Kura bed from Ikea. I love the versatility of it. One can be a little play space while the other can be the actual bed. 

We also purchased these spice racks from Ikea ($4!) and turned them into bookshelves. Two in the bedroom, two in the living room. They're amazing. Before, he had a bookshelf that only showed the spines which made it difficult to figure out which book was which. Now, he's able to simply look at the covers and know what each book is. 

I'm seriously in love with this simple, sleeping space. 

Halloween Haul 2016

Halloween Haul

For me, Halloween/Samhain is the best time of year. The air is crisp and colorful, the foods are delicious, the movies are, hands down, the BEST, the costumes are exciting, things are spooky, and there's always a transformation underway. And to top it all off, I can decorate my house for year round. Skulls, bats, witchyness, ALL BLACK EVERYTHING, and.. you get the gist. 

Last year, I bought a wicked awesome spider-web fruit bowl (complete with a spider that freaks guests out) from Homegoods. This year, I was able to snag a placemat, a bat cage, a skull candle, a witch candle, an orange and black twig hanging, and a light-up skull tonic bottle. Everything was 50% off at Jo-Ann's so how could I pass it up?

The Lovely Cicada | Halloween Decor Haul
The Lovely Cicada | Halloween Haul
The Lovely Cicada | Halloween Haul
The Lovely Cicada | Halloween Haul
The Lovely Cicada | Halloween Haul

I'm sure that I'll find more goodies, too, before the season is completely wrapped up. I'd like to grab some orange lights to hang around the apartment and grab a couple more small pumpkins to decorate with (and then eventually eat!) for my mini altar.

How is your Halloween shopping going?


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