Terrible Teething: Top Remedies to Soothe Baby's Gums

Teething Remedies

It’s been a while since I’ve written on here and for that, I apologize. Juggling a new baby, keeping up with a house, my sanity, my partner, and my friends has been an interesting experience and sadly, I’ve had to put my passion on the back burner for a few. But I’m back and hopefully with a vengeance. We’ve moved into a new apartment which is completely updated from our old. The whole family is a lot happier here and I feel it’s taken a large weight off my shoulders and can allow me to focus more. Amazing how a small change of scenery can transform things so much. 

Let’s see, a few non-mom things: Lemmy (70), Bowie (69), and Alan Rickman (69) have all died from cancer in less than a month’s time. All legends in their own respect. Eerie how death truly does come in threes. I feel I’ve been in a constant state of mourning. Today’s death of Alan Rickman has completely hit home for me. He played on of my most beloved characters. Severus Snape was such a deep, dark, and intricate character and no one except Rickman could have played him so perfectly. One day Maddox will read the books with me and watch the movies and hopefully, he too, will connect with such a difficult character.

So far, 8 months has been an interesting age. He’s been much more whiny, difficult, needy, and yet a lot more curious, confident, and fun. He’s learning and repeating, trying new things, eating more foods, speed crawling, trying to stand and walk, and exploring and touching and sensing and getting into every little thing. There’s a lot going on at this age and I definitely have the bags under my eyes to prove it. Right along with every other growth he’s going through, we’ve been going through a tremendous amount of teething with Maddox. It’s been completely dreadful. Like, pour me an entire bottle of wine before noon kind of dreadful. So, I wanted to compile a list of things that might help your little one

For baby:

Sophie the Giraffe

This little rubber giraffe has been our favorite method for months now. He loves to chew on Sophie's legs and face. She's easily portable for the car seat or the stroller and life would be much worse without her in it. Not to mention the fact, she's adorable and comes with a story as well! There's also a smaller version and an elephant

Wooden Teethers

This is a great, natural alternative to the usual silicone and rubber teething toys that are out there especially if you're an eco-friendly mama! It's a lot harder than the rubber ones so some babies may prefer it. Maddox was always happy to switch it up. This one is beautifully designed to also help your baby's senses and motor skills or this one. This etsy shop is also chock full of options!

Vibrating Ring

This is what my sister uses for her 11-month old. He loves the massaging sensation of the vibrations on his gums! It's also colorful and easy to hold. 

Frozen/Wet Washcloth

Personally, Maddox could care less about this method BUT I have heard great things from other moms so I figured I would throw it in. Either throw a wet washcloth in the freezer or simply dampen it with cold water. It'll help to numb your baby's gums and give them something to chew on. I recommend, if you're freezing it, to only do half so your baby will have a section that won't freeze his/her hands! Super cheap, super easy, and hopefully super effective. 

Mesh Teether

Another method that has failed with Maddox but has worked for other babies. This is the same method my mom used on me when I was a baby. These mesh teethers are great because you can fill them with fruit (frozen or fresh), frozen breast milk, or an ice cube and your baby is free to gnaw away plus get a little nutrition as well!

Teething Biscuits

These have been a lifesaver for us! He loves being able to snack and soothe his gums all at once. We were using these organic ones in maple but the mess was extraordinary. I'm talking about all over the place, gooey and sticky and disgusting. I'd have to strip him all the way down to his diaper and hope he wouldn't put his hands on anything (which is impossible). We switched to these wafers and there is very little mess except a few crumbs. 

Fridge Foods

Your fridge can be a treasure trove when nothing else is working out. Handing your baby a cold piece of celery, melon rind, or a carrot stick will allow them to gnaw away and soothe their gums. These foods are hard enough where it is unlikely they can bite a piece off and choke on it but I do recommend keeping an eye on them. You could also try frozen applesauce or yogurt. 

Copaiba Oil

This oil has anti-inflammatory properties that help ease the swelling of new teeth pushing through. I’ve used a small amount on Maddox by putting a drop on my finger and rubbing directly onto his gums. Some people are not comfortable using any oil orally so please use to your discretion and comfortability. 

Baltic Amber Necklace

I'll be trying the necklace soon but a couple of my mom friends have them already and swear by them. It helps ease the pain of teething while also helping to combat the drooly mess that comes along with it. You do have to make sure you buy a genuine and certified baltic amber necklace or else you won't see any results. This is a perfect, natural alternative to usual methods and one they can wear constantly. Amber has anti-inflammatory properties which helps decrease swelling. It contains a succinic acids (a natural analgesic) that provides healing by being absorbed through the skin. Here are some options: 1, 2, 3.

Hyland’s Teething Tablets

Another all-natural teething agent has been Hyland's. They're said to soothe teething pain, aid sleeplessness, reduce inflammation, and ease irritability. They tablets themselves are super tiny and will easily dissolve in baby's mouth. There has been some controversy over these, considering as they contain belladonna - a plant with toxic berries. The amount, though, is minimal and not harmful to your little one unless all tablets in dozens of bottles are ingested - which is highly unlikely. Do a little research and talk to your doctor to see if these are the right choice for you.


If none of the above is working for you, you might have to try a little medicine to ease the discomfort your little one is going through. The most important thing is a happy baby which teething can put a budge in if they can't fall asleep due to pain. Talk to your doctor about which pain reliever will be best for you little one.

For mom:


Teething isn't only painful for baby, but for mom as well. It's extremely tiring and, truthfully, irritating. Of course (unless you are passing little one off to dad), don't get slammed but a glass of wine is nice to unwind and relax. 

Lush Bath Bombs

Grab your wine and go take a bath. You deserve it, mama! These bath bombs make your skin feel INCREDIBLE and SOFT. Also, they look extremely pretty dissolving in your tub. 


You'll need a lot of it if you want to keep up with your little one in the morning after an almost sleepless night.

What has helped you and your family get through teething?

Essential Oils: Copaiba

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Copaiba (Ko-pah-ee-bah) is a resin acquired from South American leguminous trees. The resin is collected similarly to the tapping of the maple tree. After the resin is collected, the most popular of the extraction processes is used: steam distillation. This impressive and powerful essential oil contains 55 percent of beta caryophyllene, the highest amount in any known essential oil. This molecule is known for its use in providing pain relief, digestive comfort, supporting healthy joint function & bone mass, and other irregularities. Here are some other uses and benefits Copaiba essential oil will provide.

Benefits & Uses

Muscle Pain, Cartilage & Join Function, & Pain Relief
Apply directly to the affected area. Copaiba can be used neat (undiluted) except on the most sensitive skin. You can also add 2 drops to a capsule and take 3 times a day or as needed.

Apply 2-3 drops onto a cotton ball and apply neat onto active acne pimples and scars to reduce skin inflammation. Within 2-3 hours, you will see a noticeable difference in redness. Use this daily. This study shows the success of copaiba on acne.

Apply a drop onto your finger and rub onto gums.

Stretch Marks & Scars
Copaiba can be massaged directly onto stretch marks and scars to fade them. Combine it with coconut oil to help fade them away.

Digestive System
Take 2 drops in a capsule 3 times a day or as needed. Also, you can rub onto abdomen during irregularity to help promote regularity in the system.

Urinary Tract
Massage onto lower abdomen to help reduce incidences of incontinence and bedwetting. It helps tone the muscles of the bladder to provide better bladder control.

Respiratory System
Add a 2-4 drops to a pot of boiling water. Cover your head with a towel over the pot and breathe in.

Insect Bites
Put a drop onto the bite to help reduce swelling, redness, and provide relief from the sting or itch.

Meditation & Prayer
Place 4-6 drops in the diffuser during your meditation or prayer as it will help to increase spiritual awareness and will help with grounding. The aroma helps to lighten a tense or stressed mood.

Magnifier Oil
Magnifier oils increase or magnify the properties and benefits of other oils. If you had a cold, you could apply Eucalyptus to the chest then apply Copaiba to increase the benefits of the Eucalyptus.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.