Happy New Year's

In a single moment of time, there is always so much to be grateful for. I was grateful in 2017 and I know I will be grateful in 2018. 2017 brought me trials and tribulations but it also brought me strength and courage to move forward into a better self. It made me take risks. It made me try different things. It helped me hone in and focus on the things I love. Like writing, family, reading, and learning. In 2017, this blog has done better than it has done any other year. I've reached people from all over the globe. I've created content worth reading and I know there's still so much this blog has to offer. I finished everything I've needed for university and will be attending in a couple weeks. I've grown as a mother and I've spent so much of 2017 with family and adventuring. 

And let's be clear, 2017 didn't do this to me. I did this to me in 2017. I took the risks, the leaps, the bounds. I am in control of this journey.

January is filled with a thousand promises, all of which can easily be broken like a vase sliding off a shelf if you're careless in your approach. 2018 won't come to you. It won't bring you any happiness or joy. You have to go to 2018. Become what you want and what you love.  Grow. Become. Bring happiness to 2018. Bring your entire self to 2018. Tell yourself: I am enough + I am blooming. Here you are, at the start. Full of soft beginnings and endless opportunity. No different than yesterday.

Make it what you want, friends.