Original Auditions for The Office

When I feel overwhelmed by the selection of TV shows and movies on Netflix, I do what every good Netflixer does – I turn on the office instead. Sometimes I go through rows and rows of options and never feel in the mood for them. Sometimes I don't want to dedicate my time or energy to a new show and I always know I can fall back on The Office for a little enjoyment. I anticipate only watching a couple episodes but then Netflix hits me with the "Are you still watching The Office?" and I realize what I've done. I'm grateful it's only ever 3 episodes because there has been allegations someone binge-watched so much of The Office on Netflix that someone even got in touch with them to make sure they were okay. 

For any of my other The Office fans, could you imagine Seth Rogan as Dwight instead of Rainn Wilson? The show wouldn't even remotely be the same. It's also a good reminder that even celebrities are introduced to failure and they still persevere. 

As an added bonus, here's John Krasinski talking about his audition.


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