Shared One Bedroom Apartment | Video Tour & A New YouTube Channel

Happy new year! Wishing you all an abundance of amazing things and experiences in 2019. In December, I decided to start a YouTube channel. It’s in the beginning stages and it’ll be an eclectic mix of the knowledge and interests I have and will grow based on the content you all enjoy the most. Let me know what that is by liking, subscribing, and commenting so we can connect!

One of the first videos I put up is a bedroom tour. The three of us live in a sweet and cozy one bedroom apartment. It’s spacious with a big enough bedroom, bathroom, walk-in closet, living room, and kitchen for all of us to enjoy. I know there are parents out there struggling with the same situation and I want to let you know it’s possible to exist happily in a tiny space. If I could, I’d buy a bus and live in that for a while. Experiences over material possessions always.

I often find myself rearranging and this is my favorite rearrangement so far. I was nervous about whether I’d like the desk in front of the window but I’m so excited for it and slightly appalled I didn’t put it there sooner. Our son still crawls into bed with us so I’ve delayed getting him a bigger bed and I love the look of floor beds so much! He still fits in it and enjoys his bed right now so we may continue to delay it a little longer.

What are your thoughts on small spaces? Do you live in one?