Brit & Garrett Pregnancy Announcement Shoot

I met Brittni a couple years ago. We lived in the same apartment building at the time. She was pregnant with her second and always had her (then) 2 year old daughter by her side. My son loved meeting up with them in the hallways or outside. They got along well but we never got together until a few months later when I finally decided to go over with coffee in hand. The kids played together instantly and for a year, we saw each other almost every day. Helping each other, letting the kids play together, or finding some place we can go adventure. (Side note: getting 3 kids together to go places is impossible, but worth the struggle. She was so dedicated, she even upgraded her car for something slightly bigger since she couldn't fit everyone). It made stay-at-home mom hood a lot more bearable and we found an unmatched friendship in the process.

Pregnancy Announcement Shoot

Before I decided to do the photos, she told me she was going to have her brother do her photos but he had to back out the last minute due to a change in plans. I told her I would do them for her so we set a day and location. It was perfect, the weather was gorgeous, and the location was in full bloom. There were a couple setbacks like the boards they had were forgotten at the house but the ultrasounds were there and it all worked out perfectly.

The energy between these two were incredible. There were genuine laughs throughout the entire process. Nothing was forced and everything was natural. It was hard to choose photos because so many of them were so silly but that's what made these so sublime. 

Pregnancy Announcement Shoot

I'm grateful they trusted me with capturing these moments for them. Many congratulations for a third little one I can’t wait to meet!


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