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Milford Cemetery

Milford Cemetery

I started a new category for the blog titled Explore & Adventure. My family and I are always traveling and visiting new places, why not share it with everyone so you can visit too? Little day trips are so refreshing to us. The little simplicities in life is what drives us. Explore everywhere, adventure anywhere is a huge motto of ours. We always are on the hunt for some place new we've never gone. Maddox proves daily that he loves checking out new spots, hiking, and everything outdoors. 

Cemeteries are one of my favorite places to visit. They're serene, calm, and peaceful. They are places hardly thought of. So many go to their final rest in cemeteries yet people are hardly there. Headstones long forgotten, visitors who once came may have passed on or moved themselves, names and stories lost. I love visiting and reading headstones. I may not have ever known the person but for a brief second they are thought of again. A reminder that they were once here among the rest of us. 

And headstones can be beautiful. Epitaphs, inspiring. Today we visited the Milford Cemetery in Milford, Connecticut and let me tell you – it's my new favorite.. hands down. I'm talking I'll be thinking about this cemetery for days type of favorite. It's one of the oldest cemeteries in CT, created in 1642 when the first body was buried. When you first enter the cemetery, the most beautiful marble statue is on display. It's so stunning that I could have stared at it for hours. The inspiration that started pouring from this Weeping Woman is astounding. I have ideas for my novel, ideas for poems. 

The four pillars on the corners are of four different women. Each representing the words that lie above them: charity, hope, love, grace. It's said that the man who wanted 

I'm less interested in things that are haunted like I was when I was younger. It's not because I'm scared because I still love all things spooky but I don't actively seek high activity areas at night anymore. I've watched too many horror movies to want to bring any negative entities home. I doubt that would happen but.. again.. too many horror movies to chance that as often as I used to (protection is always useful though). Legend has it, a woman in white has been seen walking around this cemetery at night. We didn't see her during our daylight trip but it is tempting to want to come visit at night. 

One epitaph once read:

Molly tho pleasant in her day
Was suddenly seized and sent away
How soon she’s ripe how soon she’s rotten
Sent to her grave and soon forgotten

It was the epitaph of Mary Fowler who passed at age 24. The old headstone is no longer there since it was stolen a while back. It has been retrieved but for history's sake, they gave her a new one with her name and nickname. Bummer because that epitaph is a humorous gem.

Another thing about this cemetery is there is a red sandstone obelisk dedicated to 46 Revolutionary War soldiers who died of smallpox. Along with their names, the story of Captain Stow is on the obelisk as well. He lost two sons to the war and gave up his life in order to help care for these sick soldiers. He eventually died of the disease as well. 

It's definitely a cemetery worth visiting. It's filled with rich history and tons of stories. I'll be adding a new cemeteries section to my blog from now on so keep your eyes out for more posts like this!

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