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Berry Banana & Greens Smoothie


There’s no matter way to wake up than a smoothie (after coffee, of course). It makes me feel refreshed, my body feels ready to go, and all in all, it's the best thing your body can use in the mornings. It'll thank you for it, I promise.

I have a few different smoothies I switch between. I’m simple. I don’t try to make the most extravagant smoothie and I often use whatever we have in our fridge. My favorite is so simple to throw together, you'll start adding it to your morning routine. 


  • 1/4-1/2 cup of frozen berries 
  • 1 ripe banana
  • Bunch of kale (add a little spinach if you want too)
  • Flax seed (also shredded coconut, hemp seed, and chia seed when I have it) 
  • Almond Milk, coconut water, or water filled just above the fruit and veggies

Add them all to your blender, blend, and drink up! It's so simple and it's such a good base recipe you can try different variations. Frozen mango instead of frozen berries? Spinach instead of kale? Coconut milk instead of almond milk? Get creative with it. 

Tell me your favorite smoothie in the comments so I can try it!

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