Cure For A Cold Winter's Day

It's no secret that I can be found curled up with a cup of coffee and a good book on a cold winter's day (or any day for that matter, honestly.) While I still enjoy going outdoors and try to make it outside for a short walk everyday in winter, they are often very short walks. I'm still building a better supply of winter gear that makes being outside in New England weather much more bearable. Even my little wanderer has trouble wanting to be out in zero degree weather and who can blame him?

On these days, we have to improvise. It includes lots of our chalk board lessons, books, playing, creating, baking, cleaning, running errands, catching up on old projects, and trying to stay as warm as possible. It's hard not to feel a little cooped up during this time of year when the sun sets so early and it becomes a little tougher to make it outside for hours at a time. Even just a step outside and a quick snowball fight followed by hot chocolate can make all the difference during this time of year.  

Things To Do On A Cold Day

1. Stay inside.
2. Complain about how horribly cold it is. 
3. Play board games with the family. 
4. Make forts (no matter the age!). 
5. Lots of hot cocoa with marshmallows and baking.
6. Put music on and dance. 
7. Cuddle and watch movies.
8. Bundle up and go for a short walk. Winter walks are seriously so calming and peaceful. Just make sure you wear warm clothes & snow boots!
9. Do that DIY project you've been putting off. 
10. Cuddle your animals, your kids, your spouse, your blanket. 
11. Face time your best friend.
12. Make a delicious soup. 
13. Add some light therapy against these dreary winters.
14. Make some tea and coffee and do what I do - curl up with a book.
15. Go to a cafe and enjoy your coffee.
16. Visit a museum. 
17. Make butterbeer (an essential for Harry Potter fans).