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Witchy Wednesday: The Basics for Non-Basic Witches

Witchy Wednesday: The Basics for Non-Basic Witches


This will be a new series dedicated to all things witchy, mystical, occult, spiritual, healing, metaphysical, and self growth. This is something very dear to my heart that I would like to extend to others. To help people heal, become in tune with their inner selves, find their truth and their light. My personal journey understanding my role as an Empath and my ever-learning self growth as a kind human has led me to my "craft". I do not follow any specific ideology but utilize what calls to me. I find adhering to one thing limiting, illogical, and insulting as I can't fit into one box. Therefore, this knowledge is for everyone who feels called. 

The plethora of witches that haggle on social media often have the appearance of what one may deem a witch but lack an understanding of what it means. It's not all Hocus Pocus and Harry Potter. It's not about being dark and dreary (although, that's often my personal aesthetic). It's about shining light into the cracks of the world and folding into oneself to hone one's abilities and powers. The Craft is about being a better individual. About harnessing positive energies and releasing them into the world. Not only is it about magic, but about making the world more magical by becoming in tune with ourselves, the natural world around us, and the neighbors that surround us. It takes time and it can be painful. We can not wave sage sticks around us and assume we are witches or that we're healed. It requires practice, patience, going through some healing pain, and positive power. 

Are witches and witchcraft evil?

Forget what you know and the dark, horror trope of women as witches. Anything has potential to be evil. It all depends on the individual person. Witchcraft is about harnessing POSITIVE power and becoming self aware, yet there are always people who will use it for ill like lust, desire, greed, dominant power, and harm. Using witchcraft to bring upon misfortune to others is severely frowned upon and will backfire and only bring negativity to the beholder. 

If anyone is using energy for evil, they already had evil within them. And instead of learning about themselves and their pain in order to move forward and grow out of the darkness, they actively choose to stay in the dark and follow it and hurt others instead of heal themselves. Witchcraft does not make a person evil but it will have the ability to bring a person into the light if that is their intention. 

What is Intent?

One of the biggest things spoken about in witchcraft, spirituality, and energy work is intent. However, it is not as simple as that. For example, I am in a crowded room with a bunch of people. My intention is not to step on any toes and yet, I accidentally step on someone's toes. My intention no longer matters because I hurt someone. Intention is important because it awakes a positivity within us to do good. But next to intention, we need will, positive energy, action, and awareness. Intention alone will not work and can easily create laziness. I could INTEND to clean the house but that doesn't mean I will actually do it. Then when it doesn't get done I can say, "ah well, I had good intentions to clean the house." See how quickly intent becomes problematic? Will, met with intention, is important and what gets things done. Will makes a pact with one's self and promotes positive action. 

Where to begin?

I will be covering as many topics as I possibly can and try to create it in a way that isn't entirely overwhelming. For now, I will list topics you can begin to research. There is a LOT of different information. Patience is key to learning. You will not absorb knowledge over night, you will not be a changed person over night, you will not be healed over night, you will not heal others over night. It all takes time. It is something that one is ever-learning. I am still studying subjects that I don't know if I will ever be entirely knowledgeable on. However, it is important to keep moving forward in studying. The witch's most valuable tool is one's mind and one's knowledge. 

Topics to research

These will be covered by me but you are welcome to begin studying:

  • the history of witchcraft
  • types of witches
  • astrology
  • spells
  • various types of divination
  • types of magick
  • herbalism
  • crystals/stones/etc
  • energy work
  • sigils/talismans/symbols
  • meditation
  • candle work
  • palmistry
  • cleanses
  • chakra work
  • intuition
  • moon phases
  • mythology/lore/deities
  • science
  • empath education
  • tools
  • metaphysical medicine

This isn't a complete list but a wonderful place to start researching. The one thing I would start with is meditation as it's the basis for all energy work.  

What if I don't want to meditate?

Calming the mind and becoming in tune with yourself and your surroundings is crucial to the craft. Of course, there are people who are born very attuned, very intuitive, and very sensitive to the world and people around them. Most of us, however, need to open ourselves up to that aspect or practice so we know how to harness that power. The mind is our tool to the craft. Training our mind, making it stronger, more intuitive, opening it up fully, letting go of the unnecessary is extremely essential. It is the most valuable and, for many, the hardest hurtle to leap through. Yet it is something that will be used as we go through daily struggles and we will see things in different lights. Meditation is not easy but with practice, it will be learned. 

Practice, practice, practice

After studying and meditation, practicing and beginning to explore what you found in your studies is the next step. Ask yourself:

  • Why do I want to practice witchcraft? To become a better, more intuitive person? Or to cast a spell on another and cause harm?
  • What is my intent? What is my will?
  • Do I understand potential consequences if I am not careful and aware and open doors to unwanted energy? Do I know what to do if that occurs?
  • What is my end goal?

Whatever is practiced, whether it be divination like Tarot or a simple spell, make sure to ask these questions. It will bring light your intention. Always try to stay on the positive side of things so you don't open yourself to any negative energies. There are so many small, little actions you can do to begin practicing. Smudging away negative energy from your home and your person is a good place to start. Visualizing all the negative energies being lifted and being taken away with the sage smoke is a great first step. Ask for the good spirits and energy to stay. Ask for the negative ones to leave. I will write more on this topic in the future but it is a wonderful place to start. 

Connect with nature

Mother Nature is our home, our roots, our beginnings. Everything comes from nature and everything goes back to it. It is an understanding everything is connecting. There are four elements that are infused into the world. Water, Earth, Air, Fire. Harnessing the energy from nature will enhance your craft.

  • Water: Go to the sea, go for a swim, take a bath, sit by a lake, a river, or a marsh, run in the rain
  • Earth: Go to the woods, the valley, plant a garden or visit one, go for a nature walk, meditate on the Earth
  • Air: Go to the top of a mountain, open your windows on a breezy day, lay under a clear or cloudy sky. 
  • Fire: Go out at midday when the Sun is the highest, have a bonfire, light a candle each morning


As with everything, we must have patience if we are going to accomplish any of our goals. It takes time and dedication. There is no quick wand waving where you see sparks come out. Studying, creating positive energy, and then practicing. There are times when you may feel frustrated and that you are not getting anywhere or that you have not grown but keep working at it. These little frustrations and these hoops we have to jump through are all part of the process. My motto is: one thing at a time, all things over time. Puzzles and buildings and drawings all start with the basics. One piece here, one block there, one line here. With will, effort, and work, they become masterpieces. You will, too and I'm here to help you on your journey. 

Witchy Wednesday: Meditation and Its Benefits Towards Your Craft

Witchy Wednesday: Meditation and Its Benefits Towards Your Craft

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