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Grow Voluminous and Long Hair Quick With Castor Oil

Grow Voluminous and Long Hair Quick With Castor Oil

When I was younger, I dreamed of having long hair like Sailor Moon. However, my hair has always been frizzy and curly and hard for a young girl to figure out how to manage. Every time I started growing it out, people would start saying things like, "don't you think it would look better short?" or "it would be easier to manage if it were short" or "it would be easier to straighten if it were shorter" or the rudest ones poking fun at my curls saying they don't look professional. In my vulnerable youth, I thought they knew better than me and although I didn't want to cut it, I did it anyway.

Most of the time, I wanted to flat-iron it straight. Frizzy, curly-haired girls with glasses were hardly advertised and if they were, they were to annoying, unpopular nerd. I felt dorky and dweeby and unattractive. Most products I came across in stores were only beneficial to straight hair. Any haircut I wanted would only look good on women with straight hair. Yet no one told me otherwise. No one figured out that my hair needed more moisture and needed its curls loved. No one gave me haircuts that would help my curls fall into place. For years after I got older, I avoided products and hairdressers (my hair ALWAYS got botched). But then in 2014, I did some more research and found there was a whole world dedicated to curly hair maintenance. I found a hairdresser to dye and cut my hair. It suited both my curls and my straight hair and she also recommended me product specifically for curly hair. Not one that is beneficial to straight and thin hair, but one that was designed for my curls.

It's an amazing feeling. Something so simple. Something so often overlooked is amazing. I felt refreshed and anew. For the first time, I walked out of a hair salon happy because when I was younger, I would leave miserable, I would leave feeling like a fool which is no way for an 11 year old girl to feel. I've mastered my curly hair routine since then. I've tried various techniques and products and I know what to look for if I want to try a new product. Moisture is key: creams, never gels. A wet brush over a comb or a regular brush. Brushing in the shower after conditioner is put in only. Etc. The routine is rigid but my curls are actually happy, not flat and dry. 

I also got a hair cut at that hair salon. It was only supposed to be a trim but since I went years without seeing a hair dresser, I gritted my teeth and allowed her to do what she thought necessary. She took more off than I anticipated and since then, I've been trying to regain that length + grow it out more. I've been patient because hair grows as it grows. But then I grew impatient and figured it couldn't hurt to try something out. And I'm really glad I did because it's magical. 

Benefits of Castor Oil

Castor oil has always been popularly used throughout history. From skin care to skin healing thanks to its natural antibacterial and antifungal properties and rarely high ricinoleic acid, castor oil has ample benefits. It's also high in minerals, proteins, and Omega-6 fatty acids which helps make hair shine. Healing with castor oil has been used to increase circulation, support the lymphatic system, aid acne healing, induce labor, soothe sunburns, prevent hair loss, thicken hair and lashes. 

Magical Hair Growing Serum

  • 3 tablespoons castor oil

  • 1 tablespoon jojoba oil

  • 3-4 drops of peppermint, lavender, or tea tree essential oil

To make, mix all ingredients into an amber colored dropper bottle and give it a good shake. Damp (not wet!) your hair with a spray bottle and comb through. Squeeze a couple full drops of the serum into your hands, rub, and start massaging into your scalp. Massaging helps circulate blood flow. Do this for about 5 minutes or so and remember, a little goes a long way with this oil (you can also take the dropper and apply directly to scalp). Then rub 1-2 drops into your hand and run the serum through your hair to the ends using your fingers as a comb. 

You can leave it in anywhere from 30 minutes to overnight. I've been doing it overnight and finding most of the oil absorbed in the morning. A shorter period of time may make it more difficult to clean out the oils. In the morning, I take some of Living Proof's dry shampoo to my roots and have no issues with my hair being greasy or gross (I don't wash my hair everyday for the benefit of my dye and my curls alike). 

Within a week and only using it 4 times, my hair has already become so much softer and the volume has increased. Honestly, it's too early to tell if there has been a drastic difference in hair growth but these other benefits are worth it. 

Important Notes

  • Do NOT use prenatal vitamins for hair growth. Prenatal vitamins are meant for pregnant women only. Those vitamins are crucial for the growth of baby and the body of the mother. It's not just for one body, it's for two. Getting too much of specific vitamins can actually cause problems instead of be beneficial.

  • A healthy and colorful diet full of various minerals and vitamins and lots of water is crucial to luscious hair. Without that, there's not much pills and natural recipes can do.

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