Happy 2nd Birthday, Maddox!

Two years ago, you were born a day after Beltane. The day of fertility and harvest. Born into the season of maturing life and deep found love. Commitment. The perfect season, the perfect day, the perfect seconds. Two years ago, the day was light and airy with a spring breeze and a shining sun. Two years ago, I met a little boy.

Wide-eyed, nervous, yet with steady hands. My heart was calm as if it knew him all along but I swear it could have burst from its cages once it saw him. I remember reaching out for him and what it felt like to have him against my skin. He smelled otherworldly, like the universe and it's unknown magic. I wrapped myself in the amazement of that moment. Of birthing a life. Of meeting a life I created. Of meeting someone who slept beneath my heart and had a home in my womb. Of someone who would grow older and wiser, like the trees of the forest.

If someone told me I would be this woman and this mother, the one I am at this very moment, I'm not sure I would have believed them. All of what I am is thanks to a curly-haired, blue-eyed wild child. Maddox the Fearless. Maddox the Brave. Maddox the Kind.

Maddox, my Maddox. The brightest boy I have ever known. You have a smile that lights up rooms, a laugh that echoes against our atmosphere and shakes the Earth, and a heart larger than your tiny body can fit. Your independence and resilience moves me and the knowledge you absorb daily is impressive. I hope one day these words find you. I hope some day you find crumpled papers and coffee stained journals filled with my words. I hope one day light rain drizzles against your cheek and you find comfort in my love when you need it the most. Far now, hopefully years years years from now, in a much different place. I am somewhere, somehow still part of this world, loving you in your soulful beauty. Always with you.

Happy 2nd birthday, fox. Here is to many more adventures


Shayna Shattelroe

25 years old. Mama to Maddox. Word weaver. Lover of love. Coffee addict. Psychological science student. 

A woman of curious nature, my name is Shayna. I am wild & reserved. Humbled & proud. Quiet & clamorous. Strange & familiar. I live in the trees of New England typing away as lifestyle blogger. You can always find me with a coffee cup in one hand and a book in the other.

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