Christmas Snapshots

So many past Christmas memories stand out but none have been better since having my little family and none have been better than this year. Nothing about it was rushed or exhausting. I finished Christmas gifts early, I baked early, I got Christmas pajamas early. It snowed Christmas morning so instead of leaving quickly after presents and breakfast to go to Dave's brothers, we were able to stay home and take things as slow as we wanted. 

Dave's gifts were so thoughtful. He got me an INCREDIBLE solar-powered watch with a minimal, Roman-numeral face and black leather strap, a beautiful quill set, and Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff (the sequel to Nevernight which is one of my all time favorite books.) My mother and extended in-law family also killed it with their gifts (like a Ravenclaw tumbler??!) and I'm so grateful for everyone in our lives.

Maddox received so many wonderful gifts from us and from the rest of his family and friends. Initially, he was so careful opening his gifts almost as if he were afraid to rip the paper. But after some time, he started tearing right in wondering what was beneath the paper's surface he could play with. And he's always so grateful which makes my heart melt. He loves giving hugs and saying thanks for all his presents which makes me so warm to have such a kind soul for a child.

As I said, this was one of my favorite Christmas's so far. So joyous to spend time with family. Lots of smiles and laughs and thankfulness. Merry all around.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and is ready for 2018. Stay tuned for a wonderful New Year's post about goals and resolutions. 


Shayna Shattelroe

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