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Save Money With This Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

Save Money With This Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

During the holiday season, parents seem frantic to find the perfect gift for their little one. Time and time again, jokes occur about how they don't know what to buy because everything winds up unplayed with. Eventually making it's way to the donation box. They make jokes about how their children would rather play with the box the item came in than the item itself. The solution? The most basic gift guide of the season. While I know there are certain toys my son loves to play with, there are others I know will inevitably wind up hardly touched. He prefers to use his imagination with the most random of household objects. Your children may give you a little side-eye with these but there's no doubt they won't get used. 


Perfect for: fort building, peek-a-boo, and hiding under to tell stories. Also, it's a necessity when sick or while watching a movie. It can also be used for bedtime. 


Another use for fort building. It can also be sat in for dinner time. Lucky for you, you may already have some. If you're feeling extra fun, you can place it up against the bed and have them jump from one to the other. 

Tissue Boxes

They can be made into car garages, towers, beds for dolls, guitars, etc. The possibilities are endless and winter is here so boogers down the face is common. Wonderful two for one deal.  

Toilet Paper Rolls

Once butts are done being wiped, utilize the roll for crafty projects like bunnies, reindeers, batmans, car tunnels, racecars, and so much more. Kids can pretend it's a megaphone or a telescope. 


Toy Not Included. It never fails me that my son winds up playing with the box something came in. The bigger, the more enjoyable. My partner cut holes into one of them and created a monster mouth. My son had a blast for days running around the house in that box. Can be turned into a rocket, a race car, a tower, anything. 


Go outside, grab some dirt, fill up a container, put newspaper down, and fun will be had for hours. A mess will also be had, but well worth it to keep littles happy. 


Pour into a bowl, throw some pom-poms, cars, underwater animals, etc and have a little sensory play. Pour it into a bottle or a jar with a bunch of items for a search and find. Tons of fun. 

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