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How to Eat for Better Sex

How to Eat for Better Sex

How To Eat For Better Sex

Looking for some happy and healthy humping? Cooking up a better sex life begins in the kitchen. It's no surprise that eating well allows us to feel confident in our skin. Our bodies feel lighter, our skin glows, and all-in-all we genuinely feel better. And confidence in the bedroom goes a long way. It doesn't just help our physical appearance but other key factors as well: personality, performance, and pleasure.

Thankfully, many of us are already eating these necessary vitamins and nutrients just not in large enough quantities. Here's the rundown of a diet to help you get down and dirty the best you can. 

Cuisine for Cumming 

Strawberries: Aside from being sweet, they're also sexy. These fruits are rich in antioxidants which helps blood circulation and experts suggest a healthy circulatory system is a necessity for a high-functioning sex life. However, the vitamin C in strawberries are known for an increase in sperm count so make sure you're not allowing them to swim without protection.

Avocados: Reportedly in Aztec societies, avocados were a huge aphrodisiac and in their language, ahuácatl is their word for avocado which directly translates to testicle. It makes sense due to its shape but it also has a lot of sexual benefits. The avocado is rich in vitamin E, vitamin B6, potassium, and monounsaturated fats. These keep the blood flowing and the heart beating strong. Heart disease can actually cause erectile dysfunction so there's no question here: pay extra for the guac. 

Sweet Potatoes: One culprit for erectile dysfunction is high blood pressure and the potassium in sweet potatoes can help lower it. 

Almonds & Pine Nuts: Both are rich with zinc, a libido-enhancing mineral. Studies have shown people with higher levels have a better sex drive. Toss them on a salad paired with avocado for extra yummy benefits. 

Oysters: This slimy seafood has a known history of being an aphrodisiac stemming from Casanova, the 18th century lover, who ate 50 everyday for breakfast. There's no scientific evidence to back his claim except it's full of zinc for your libido. 

Water: Don't throw off your game with dehydration. Water is essential to a healthy diet but it's important so you don't lose steam in the bedroom. Infuse some strawberries for double the benefit. 

What to Avoid

So we've talked about food to aid the mood, but what about foods that will potentially annihilate your sex drive? 

Soy: A high soy diet can lower testosterone, sex drive, sperm count, and fertility levels so try to lay off the soy protein shakes. However, a occasional amount is helpful as it is known to lower cholesterol. 

Corn Flakes: It has been said corn flakes were invented to stop masturbation. The creator, John Harvey Kellogg, was anti-rubbing-it-out who believed a spicy diet of meat and seasonings were the reason for high sex drives. To contrast that, he created the plain cereal we know as corn flakes in hopes to curb everyone's desire. 

Steak: Sorry meat-eaters, but this one puts your sex life at stake (pun intended). While it contains zinc, it is also high in saturated fat and cholesterol. This can dampen your sex life by affected your heart health and overall blood circulation.  

Overconsumption (especially of high-sugar, high-carb foods): You'll wind up feeling tired and sluggish and will NOT want to move. So not only will there not be better sex, there won't be any sex. Eat your meals slower. It gives your food time to digest and a chance to feel full. 

Treat Your Body Like A Temple

If you want to be worshipped as a sex god(dess), start packing your body with nutrient-dense foods that will keep your stamina up, your blood flowing, your libido high, and your heart beating strong. Body odor is also affected by what we eat. Would you rather taste and smell someone who wakes up early and starts blending fruits together or someone who eats pizza bites everyday for lunch? Studies have shown one will have a much better odor than the other and I'm sure we can all guess which on that'll be.

When it comes to diet talk, we always discuss how it'll help us lose weight or get us in overall better shape. But we leave out discussion on how food affects our sexual and reproduction health. And it all connects. A healthy sex life can lead to a happier body and a happier mind and a healthy body and mind can lead to a happy sex life. 

So put down your phones, deviants. It's time to go produce shopping and do some intense meal planning. 

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