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Weekend Links.

Weekend Links.

(Source:  anewall etsy )

(Source: anewall etsy)

I've renamed my blog to The Lovely Cicada. Although being a mother is eternal and is something I will always be - I want this blog to embody a multitude of subjects for all people to enjoy and find peace in. I will still be covering the subjects of motherhood & children but I want to avoid a sense a inclusion. And for me, personally, it helps to open more doors. I live motherhood where it's not what I want to constantly talk about. So here's to getting back on track with blogging. 

Let's start with some weekend links full of think pieces & goodies.

These murals & wall decor are absolutely stunning. 

Domestic violence survivor, Amber Heard, has made good on her promise (sadly this will surprise many) to donate her divorce settlement to charity. 

For my non-Trump supporters, you may not like him but be aware of your body shaming.

It's national dog day which means it's no different than any other day because dogs are great year round. How are you celebrating your pet today?

It's that time of year again: the back to school sadness.

The Dead Sea turned this dress into a beautiful crystal masterpiece.

Dave, our friends, and I got back from Gwar-BQ 2016 on Monday and this article completely nailed the experience. 

In 4th grade, over 15 years ago, I bought my first copy of Scary Stories to Tell in The Dark and finally it's being made into a movie by one of the best - Guillermo del Toro

Summer is officially winding down. Nights are becoming cooler and I swear I'm seeing leaves begin to turn. There's still so much left I want to do with Dave & Maddox before it completely ends: go to the beach one last time, go see the farm animals in Mass and grab an ice cream, go for more walks, and hit the pool a few more times. But I'm excited for the crisp air of Autumn. I can't wait to go to Salem, take Maddox on hay rides, carve pumpkins, dress up, go to haunted places with Dave, watch all the Halloween movies, and eat delicious foods. Soak up every last bit of summer while you can!

Beach Daze

Beach Daze

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Simple Gestures To Show Your Partner You Love Them