Simple Gestures To Show Your Partner You Love Them

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There are so many simple things you can do to show your partner you're thinking about them. When we've been in a relationship for a while, it can become easy to forget to show appreciation for one another. We go through the motions of day in and day out, but we forget to remind each other of how special they are to us. These gestures are sweet and simple. They are ones Dave and I both practice with each other to keep our spark alive and although we have our fair share of arguments, our love is incredibly strong and in constant bloom.

Play their favorite CD, playlist, record, or artist. Nothing turns me on and makes me happier than music does. I'm not a big TV watcher and prefer to have background music going constantly. My music collection is much more vast than my boyfriend's and it ranges from hip-hop to heavy metal to opera. I pride myself on constantly finding new artists and listening to such an array of music. My boyfriend willingly popping in my favorite jam is nothing short of sexy.

Oh and another note, music speaks straight to the soul. The music a person listens to gives a good representation of who they are and often, how they're feeling. Make sure to sit and truly listen to your partners favorite song. They'll appreciate it. 

Scratch their back or massage them without them asking. It's one of my rituals to scratch Dave's back. He started with asking me in the beginning of our relationship and him telling me how much he loves it, to it becoming a habit. I love knowing that I'm doing something that makes him feel relaxed after our stressful days. 

Bring home their favorite wine/beer. 'Nough said. 

Make their favorite dish. Almost everyone has a favorite food right? Surprise your partner with their favorite dish one night. It'll remind them you're thinking about them and how good of a chef you are. Dave's favorite is Shepard's Pie so he lights up and chows down when I surprise him with it. In turn, he loves making my favorite rice dish!

Love notes. Hide them in a wallet, or a lunch bag, or a pocket, or on the kitchen table. Anywhere you think they would find it. Even though Dave and I were seeing each other almost religiously in the beginning of our relationship, we were always writing letters to one another. We still have almost all of them and it's so fun to look back and reminisce on our flourishing relationship. They still make my heart melt to this day. 

Split the work on weekends. Does anyone want to do household chores on the weekend? No. Weekends are for delivery and paper plates and a bit of sloppiness. But adulthood doesn't allow that. So to be fair, both partners should do an equal share of work on the weekends (or whatever day is your "weekend day"). 

Watch your shows together. If there's a show you both watch but can't watch it together during the allotted time, both of you should wait and watch it together. Shows like Game of Thrones and Walking Dead are always jam-packed with events. Waiting means you both get to be surprised together and go through the emotions together.

How do you show your partner you love them?


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