A Slow Transformation

Motherhood always has the word transformation looming in my head. Ideas are rattling inside me on ways to be better. Better for me, better for my partner, better for my son. I am shaping my life the way I want it to be. I finally feel free of the hooks of self doubt that had me captive for so long. I'm excited and inspired by the prospect of our future. 

Mornings rise and nights fall. I spend mine with busy hands and a busy mind. Ways to improve myself, our home, our life together. Each day opens fresh opportunity and adventure. A fresh perspective and new prospects. 

And I see it, too, in Maddox's eyes. The drive, the fire, the burn, the curiosity, the desire for adventure and fun and new things (to play with, to see, to eat). He wants to devour the world. 

Together, we'll inspire each other. Tied together with an invisible string, we'll push and pull each other in an endless game of tug and war yet always remain together.

Whether you're a mother or not, what do you do to improve yourself daily?