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Gift Guide for Your Precious Baby

Gift Guide for Your Precious Baby

When it comes to children, there are so many options of what to buy your little one. Wooden toys, plastic toys, craft toys, outdoor toys, musical toys, books, clothes, and the list goes on. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to sift through everything and figure out what will be perfect for your infant. These toys are perfect for 12 months plus. 

Croc Pull Toy

Croc Pull-Toy from Land of Nod, $19.97. These colorful wooden crocs will keep your baby company as they start to stand and walk. (Note: Land of Nod has a BUNCH of other amazing and fun toys as well!)

Board books

You can never go wrong with adding onto your baby's library and allowing their imagination to wander. Board books are perfect for reading, chewing on, and playing with. 

Bead Maze

Bead Maze, $14.24. This is sure to keep your child occupied for at least one round of dishes. 

Activity Cube

An even better and bigger option is this B. Zany Zoo activity cube, $78.90. This is definitely an attention grabber among children because there are so many options and a variety of things to do and look at. Maddox plays with the one in our doctor's office and absolutely loves it. 

Bandana Bib

Set of Two Bandana Bibs, $16.00 from Harv Co. 


Kid's Tent, $114.90. An adorable play area and hide-away. 

Tegu Magnetic Wood Blocks
Hap Rhythm Set

Allow your child to unleash their musical side with this Hape Musical Set, $11.64.

Melissa & Doug Farm Sound Puzzle

Melissa & Doug Farm Sound Puzzle, $11.69. I recently purchased this for Maddox and it's one of his favorites. He loves taking them out and attempting to put them back in the (in)correct spots. The animal sounds are a plus! 

Cozy Coupe

Little Tykes Cozy Coupe 30th Anniversary Car, 54.99. One of my own personal favorites from when I was a kid!

Radio Flyer Comfort Wagon
Mama Bird
Baby Bird

Matching Mama Bird, 28.00 & Baby Bird shirts, $25.00 from The Bee and The Fox. These are definitely two soft and adorable shirts I hope to have for Maddox and I in the future. 

Podcasts for Every Individual

Podcasts for Every Individual

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