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How to Make Money With Your Young Living Business from Home

How to Make Money With Your Young Living Business from Home

Mother is Eternal | How to Make Money With Your Young Living Business From Home

If you're a new mother like me, you want nothing more than to stay home with your baby. You want to be able to raise him fully and take care of him day in and day out. Yet at the same time, you want to be able to work, bring in money, and acquire financial freedom. One of the best ways to do so, is by starting a business with Young Living Essential Oils.

Essential oils have helped declutter my house of toxic chemicals. Slowly but surely, we are throwing away junk and replacing it with natural options. We already remove junk from our bodies by eating livelier and by taking the artificial out and replacing it with nature. Once you start, it's a little bit of an obsession. So it was only natural the next step would be cleansing the rest of the house with icky chemicals and products. 

Initially, someone had told me I could save 24% on oils while becoming a distributor. After I signed up, I told various people about it in my real life and online and you know what happened? People felt the same way about oils I did and wanted to save money where they could. This is how my essential oils business got started. People believed in the oils as well, signed up under me, and voila! It's really easy and it's even easier when you have a product you are passionate about and want to use again and again. This business is about selling knowledge, not selling products. That's why I love this business. 

The great thing about an essential oils business is that the products are designed for wellness and they basically sell themselves. I can happily and honestly share these with friends and family without feeling the guilt of making a profit. My goal is to help people gain wellness and financial freedom. With Young Living, I can do it right from my very home! 

First of all, you want to sign up with Young Living. In order to receive commission, you want to sign up as a Distributor/Wholesale Member. You'll receive commission from your 'downline' or the people who sign up under you. You can find out more about doing so here

Next, figure out how you want to spread your knowledge of oils. I use my blog and social media more often than not but you don't need a blog. All you need is the knowledge and the passion!

Teach Classes
If you aren't much of a blogger, you can teach classes in your local community. Look for local community spots, yoga centers, nature stores, etc where you can possibly host a class. Make brochures, get an ad, put up flyers for your free class. You can make a killer powerpoint presentation and get people interested easily. 

Host Parties
Another great way to spread the benefits of essential oils is by hosting a gathering at your house. This is a great way to get friends and family involved. Send them an invite, have them come over, talk to them about oils, let the smell the oils, give them samples and before you know it, they'll be purchasing their own starter kit. If someone has a headache before you start, rub a little peppermint on their temples and see how they feel at the end. Create lemon water using your lemon essential oil to drink throughout the party, create lemon cookies for them to nibble on. Show them, smell them, and tell them how amazing these oils are.

Youtube Videos
This is similar to the classes. If you use social media and/or blog, a fabulous way to get your message across is by making a youtube video. They won't be able to smell but you can talk them through recipes, ideas, benefits, etc. 

Remember: if you are passionate enough, you can do it!

Now that I'm signed up, how do I earn money?

By sharing them. Once someone signs up under you (make sure you give them your member ID number), you will earn commission on the oils they purchase. 

The more people on your team, the more sales you have, the more money you make. I suggest having a 100 PV essential rewards order each month and everyone in your team having the same. This is how the foundation works and this is how you build to success. 

Potentially you can earn:

                            Monthly                    Yearly
Executive              $550                           $6600
Silver                     $2500                        $30,000
Gold                      $9100                         $109,200
Platinum               $21,500                       $258,000
Diamond               $29,000                     $348,000

The first level is distributor. You need to have a monthly order of 50 PV and you get paid on 2 levels of distributors. By having more volume in your group, you can achieve higher levels.

The second level is Star. You achieve this level by having a volume of 500 PV between yourself and others on your team. So if you have an order of 100 PV and 4 other members have 100 PV, you have achieved this level. To get paid commission, you need at least a 100 PV order and you get paid on 3 levels of distributors. To get paid on this level as well as all future levels it requires you place at least a 100 PV order each month.

The third level is Senior Star. You achieve this level by having 2000 group PV and you get paid on 4 levels. 

OGV (Overall Group Volume)

Executive: 2 legs each at 1,000 with 4,000 total OGV, directing growth toward Silver.
Silver: 2 legs each at 4,000 with 10,000 total OGV
Gold: 3 legs each at 6,000 with 35,000 total OGV, creating a behavior that will direct building toward the Diamond rank.
Platinum: 4 legs each at 8,000 with 100,000 total OGV
Diamond:  5 legs each at 15,000 with 250,000 total OGV
Crown Diamond: 6 legs each at 20,000 with 750,000 total OGV
Royal Crown Diamond: 6 legs each at 35,000 with 1,500,000 total OGV

Here are the bonuses.

1. Uni-level Bonus. You get paid on more levels as you go up in rank. You are paid 8% on each person on your first level, 5% on your second level and 4% on levels 3, 4, and 5.

2. Rising Star Team Bonus. This is a 1% bonus pool on monthly sales volume, available to those distributors paid as Star through Executive.

3. Fast Start Bonus. Distributors are eligible to earn a Fast Start Bonus on all new distributors they personally enroll in the company. This bonus pays 25% on the volume of each personally enrolled distributor's total orders placing during the first 3 calendar months, in addition to base commission. Each month, the bonus payout of 25% is earned by the enroller. A maximum of $200 may be earned from this bonus per distributor, per month. When the Fast Start or Slique Start Living Kit Bonus is paid, the PV used to calculate the bonus is reduced by 70% for all other commissionable payouts. If someone orders a Slique Start Living Kit, you earn $100.

4. Generation Leadership Bonus. This is a 6% bonus pool divided among the leaders paid as Silver and above. Number of shares received will depend on rank and the number of leads in the paid generations.

5. You get paid 24% on any orders of people who are retail customers you enrolled. Some people will simply want to order as a customer whenever they want to order rather than become a wholesale member.

6. Profit Sharing is offered to those who qualify. This is why it is recommended you and your members to have at least a 100 PV essential rewards order. All of the sales of the whole company go into a pool and anyone qualified gets at least one share of this. Everyone is one big team working together to help each other succeed and achieve financial freedom! How awesome is that!

7. At the level of executive, there is a bonus for reaching Silver in six months called "Silver in Six". Young Living will give you an Aroma Complete: a collection of essential oils around $2500. It's definitely amazing and something that will help your business. 

Once you become a member, you have a virtual office with tools to help you succeed. This is definitely a lot to take in but with my help and Young Living's help, you'll be on your way to success in no time. Do you see how much you can make? There is no limit, it all depends on you! And all you have to do is share with as many people as possible and share consistently. Keep it simple, keep it authentic, and your income will grow month after month!

Are you ready? essential oils are growing in popularity daily. join now & share them. you'll be on your way to financial freedom in no time!

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