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Rich. Bold. Brew. Roast. Grind. All words that describe one of the most buzzed about drinks: coffee. Making coffee in the morning may be simple to some but to some it's a ritual, a routine, a necessity. I know waking up, spilling coffee grounds into my French Press, drowning them in hot water, allowing them to soak, then pressing down on the handle and pouring myself a cup of joe is one of my favorite pastimes. For my coffee lovers, I've compiled a list of some of the best coffee gadgets you should invest in and some delicious recipes. 


1. French Press - The French Press is my most used and beloved coffee gadget. It's so simple yet the coffee turns out much more robust. All you do is grind your coffee beans, pour as much was you want in (depending on your desired strength 1bsp-4tbsp), slowly pour hot water half way over the grounds, stir, then pour hot water until you reach the spout, stir, cover, wait 2-4 minutes, then press down. Voila! Strong coffee within a matter of minutes.

2. Chemex - The Chemex not only makes a better cup of coffee, it's also aesthetically pleasing. Place the filter in the Chemex, pour ground coffee into the filter, shake them back and forth to settle them, slowly pour water over the grounds for about 45 seconds, evenly wetting them, then pour continuously in a spiraling pattern, making sure you are not too close to the rim, and then let the water drain. 

3. Coffee Grinder - An amazing cup of coffee comes from an amazing set of beans. Coffee is noting without a flavorful, robust bean behind it. Fair trade and organic are one of the best to choose from. Pop them in your grinder and you have fresh coffee. Pre-ground coffee can lose the taste over time. By grinding them yourself, you know their freshness. 

4. Milk Frother - They also make electric ones. These are wonderful if you're a fan of DIY coffees and don't feel like wasting your bucks. You can create delicious cappuccinos, lattes, hot chocolates, and so forth at home. 


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