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Weekend Links

Weekend Links

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The weekend's here and my sister's back in town (yes.. again!) so I've been spending most of my time with her. It's consisted of running errands, spending time with our two boys, poking fun at each other, drinking coffee, eating, loving, and laughing. Sunday, Dave and I are hoping to make it out to the Hot Air Balloon Fest. I jokingly told Dave we should purchase one but apparently those suckers run anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000. Enjoy your weekend guys!

Last week, I told you about Star Wars Lipstick. Well.. check out these Harry Potter lipsticks.

Interesting study of Holocaust Survivors shows trauma is passed onto children's genes.

The one thing stay-at-home moms need: friends.

Have you ever wondered what Disney's couples looked like at humans?

The world's oldest message in a bottle has been found

If you breastfeed, read this article

Reasons going outside is the worst on this week's Whine About It. 

Mmm.. look at this pistachio cream cake with chocolate ganache

Not at all what I expected to happen at the end

Have you picked up a pair of Birkenstock's yet?

Essential Oils: Thieves

Essential Oils: Thieves

My Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist