Oh boy!

On the 11th of December, Dave and I went to our baby appointment. We were looking forward to it for weeks and the anticipation was excruciating. They changed my appointment a couple times before picking this final date which made me even more anxious! Honestly, Dave and EVERYONE (family, co-workers, my best friends) thought little was a girl. I thought from the start baby was a little boy. Whenever I had dreams of little, little was a boy but everyone had me second guessing and kind of hoping for a girl. Dave and I had a name picked out and even started referring to baby as ‘she’ & ‘her’.<br>
So, move on to the 11th and December. The ultrasound technician asked if we were planning to find out the sex and we both excitedly said, ‘yes!’. She told us that once she found an indication of the sex she would let us know. So we’re looking at baby’s beautiful skull and brain and she’s moving the wand around and BAM. “It’s a baby boy!” It was clear as day: a boy. Dave’s jaw dropped to the floor with a smile in his eyes. It was such an awesome feeling to know I was holding a little boy.

The technician continued to go over every inch of baby, what this was, what that was, how his blood flow was. It was so amazing to see the four chambers of his heart pumping away (also a little scary) and to see him moving his arms. He was a shy boy because he kept holding his hand over his face and turning away from the technician. So, we took a break, came back, and he moved a bit so the tech could make out his facial features. Honestly, he's my little fox and he’s adorable. We couldn’t be happpier!