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Lemon Cookies

lemon cookies.jpg

If you know me, you know one of my top favorite flavors is lemon. It's the perfect mix of zest, tang, sour, and well.. lemon. Last week, it was the main ingredient in most of my dishes, including a very delicious lemon pasta, and I must say it adds such a perfect taste.

Sunday mornings lately have been dedicated to trying out a new baked goods recipe. It's safe to say last Sunday I tried these remarkable lemon cookies and was not disappointed.

The recipe calls for a 18.25oz package of lemon cake mix but I grabbed a box of Duncan Hines and saw it was only 16.5oz. I used a little less vegetable oil and it did not alter the texture, taste, etc.

It's a VERY quick and easy recipe for lemon-lovers. What are your favorite lemon recipes?

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