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Favorite Baby Items

We all know what a baby needs: diapers, boobies (or bottles if you are formula feeding!), and warmth/comfort. With that said, there are still things that we want and things that definitely make life a little easier. Here’s my list.

1. 4moms Rockaroo: Although Maddox doesn’t always love to sit in this for too long, he stays long enough for me to take a bathroom break, make a cup of coffee, or do dishes. We don’t have the insert but I highly recommend picking it up to keep baby snug and comfortable. Its sleek, modern design is hard not to love. It also connects to your phone so you can play music or white noise to soothe your little.

2. Rock n’ Play Sleeper: This has been a lifesaver. The first night we brought Maddox home from the hospital, he would not sleep in the pack n play nor would he sleep in the crib. It was a horrendous night full of baby cries for Dave and I. My sister (who also has a newborn) told me her son will only sleep in a rock n’ play. So the next day, I sent Dave out for one and wah-la, Maddox loves it. It’s soft and compact, helping to make him feel secure.

3. Skip Hop Forma Diaper Bag: This diaper bag is my absolute favorite. It’s available in 4 colors (black, grey, berry, and peacock) and is the perfect size. It’s easy to organize, isn’t stiff, and makes it simple to find everything necessary. I can carry everything I need and more. It’s not overly bulky and I like that it has two straps making it feel more purse-like and more comfortable to carry.

4. Sakura Bloom Ring Sling: I just recently ordered this baby carrier. I have the moby but the material is too thick and putting it on seems way too much a hassle. I wanted something quick and lightweight to work with. This is definitely helpful when you have a baby that just wants to be held yet you would like to be able to move about the house and accomplish things. Not only that, but it makes outings a whole lot simpler. The fabric is absolutely gorgeous too and their product is incredible.

5. Skip Hop Activity Gym 1 or 2: This is a great place for baby to practice tummy time or to just lay baby down on. It’s even more wonderful when baby starts interacting with the world and wants to be stimulated. You can also buy a variety of other toys to attach and/or swap out the others.

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