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Essential Oils: Peppermint

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Peppermint (Mentha piperita) is a recognizable scent and one of the most beneficial essential oils. Almost every mind, body, and health ailment you can think of can be benefited by peppermint oil. It’s infamous for being used to freshen bad breathe with either candies, mouth wash, or spray but it can also be used for skin, head aches, digestive issues, hunger, energy, and other problems. The plant itself contains menthol which provides a cooling and calming sensation.

The use of peppermint oil has been dated back to 1000 B.C. in ancient Egypt and Asia. It was used for its healing and restorative properties. In Greek mythology, it is said the god Hades/Pluto transformed a nymph, named Minthe, into the plant so she would be appreciated for many years later and that she has! It’s been used for medicinal purposes for centuries and, thankfully, it has found its way back into popular culture.

The most common way I’ve used peppermint oil is to alleviate my headaches. Along with lavender oil, it works like a charm. Mix together 3-4 drops of peppermint oil and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. Then, just apply a little (diluted, of course) onto the temples, forehead (near the scalp line), and the back of your neck and watch it work its magic! If you’re prone to headaches, make enough to stash away in your purse or your desk at work. 

Please note: Always read the jar the oil comes in for precautions. Peppermint, in particular, is a very hot oil. Do not use on babies or children under 6. Use peppermint sparingly during nursing as it has been known to drop milk supply. As with anything, always check with your doctor if you’re pregnant or nursing.

Other benefits of Peppermint

Stomach discomfort
Diffusing peppermint around the house can help alleviate nausea and stomach discomfort. Also, rubbing it onto your hands and inhaling, massaging onto wrists, or rubbing a couple drops onto your abdomen will work as well.

Diffuse to kick-start your morning. You can also carry a bottle around with you and take whiffs throughout the day. Or apply generously on the back of your neck and shoulders to help stay energized.

Diffuse or add a few drops into a warm bath to help relax.

Concentration & Alertness
Diffuse it during it tests or while working to promote mental alertness. It’s been known to help provide mental clarity while raising energy levels. Similar to energy, apply to the back of the neck and onto shoulders. Inhale before a test or during work to regain concentration, boost your mood, and fight fatigue.

No time to eat or grab a snack? Inhale peppermint to curb the cravings until you get the chance.

Sore Muscles & Body Aches
Apply peppermint oil to the affected area to relieve pain and inflammation.

Mouse Repellent
Soak cotton balls with peppermint oil and place where they may be entering your home. You can also place them in areas they may have already been to avoid other mice following the scent or in areas you don’t want them to enter.

Respiratory Support
Clear your nose with a little peppermint! Menthol is often found in chest rubs such as Vick’s. A natural remedy is rubbing a little peppermint oil in your chest and temples. You can also inhale and diffuse it. Another option is pouring it into boiling water, draping a towel over your head, and breathing in the steam. It helps clear your throat, lungs, and nose.

Hair Growth
Peppermint helps stimulate and circulate blood flow so it’s ideal for promoting hair growth. Use coconut oil as a carrier and add to your favorite conditioner!

Skin Toner
The cooling, refreshing properties of peppermint oil does wonders for your skin especially on those hot summer days. Mix about 1 cup filtered water, 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar, and 30-50 drops of peppermint essential oil. Store in the fridge for an even cooler effect!

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