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Essential Oils: Lavender for Babies & Other Benefits

Over the course of the next few weeks, I’ll be touching base on all the essential oils in the Young Living Premium Starter Kit and presenting you with information, benefits, recipes, and other resources. If you feel like purchasing a Wholesale Membership along with the Premium Starter Kit, feel free to sign-up here or if you don’t want to purchase a starter kit and just want the one essential oil you can sign up as a Retail Customer here instead. Please join me on this oily journey. 


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Many parents struggle with putting their little one to bed. Some nights can seem excruciatingly daunting especially when you’re lacking on rest yourself. During these times, something I’m extremely grateful for is lavender essential oil.

The lavender (Lavendula angustifolia) aroma has been so wonderful to Maddox (and to me!). He’s been much more calm, his sleep cycles seem to last longer, and putting him to bed is a little easier. After his night time bath, I rub Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Calming lotion (made with lavender) on his skin. Then I massage his feet with lavender essential oil in a carrier. A favorite of mine is fractionated coconut oil but you can use tea tree, olive, etc. Whichever you prefer! I also dab a little onto his third eye, the spot between his eyebrows. Occasionally, I’ll rub diluted lavender on my palms and slowly pass it in front of his nose a couple times. You can even add a couple drops into his bath (diluted first by a water-soluble carrier such as vegetable glycerin). All of these will help to calm and soothe your baby.

Please note, babies are VERY sensitive and you have to use extreme precaution when using EO’s on or around them.  I have done my research for my own little one on what essential oils are safe so use your judgment or speak to a professional. I recommend when introducing essential oils to your baby, you test a diluted dab on a tiny section of their skin. Introduce oils to them gently since their skin is so new and fragile. Remember dilution is key and very important for babies and children. Personally I feel safest using 1-2tbsp of carrier oil with 1-2 drops of lavender.

Other Benefits of Lavender

Bug repellent
You can either make a spray or dab a few drops on your wrists, knees, neck, and wrists to keep the pesky little insects at bay. Here’s a wonderful bug spray recipe.

Insect Bite
Rub 2-4 drops of Lavender oil onto the mosquito bite.

Alleviates headache pain
Inhale lavender for about 15 minutes. The best way is a few drops in a diffuser.

Acne & General Skin Care
If you have an outraged blemish, try a drop of lavender oil on a q-tip and apply a couple times a day. This can also work to help lighten acne scars. You can also create a toner with a bottle of witch hazel or jojoba oil and add 5-10 drops (depending on the bottle size) and apply morning and night. For dry skin, pour water into a spray bottle and add 10-15 drops of lavender until symptoms subside. Or apply with a nut/vegetable oil.

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