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Dollar Shave Club

There was a time in my life where I never shaved. I let my pits grow, I let the leg hair grow, I let it all grow. It was my way of expressing myself, my way of saying screw the patriarchy, my way of enjoying my body, my way of making my showers a little quicker, my way of saving a little money. But one day, I put the razor to my armpit again and now here I am in all my shaven glory.

Although I must admit I miss my armpit hair, I’ve been enjoying the silky skin that has come again with shaving. What I don’t enjoy is the 15 dollars I’d need to spend for 4 cartridges. I have three handles yet still I find myself buying disposable razors. If you think about it, I’m not saving any money. With disposable razors, I go through them much quicker as the blades dull out faster. Yet when I get to the store, I still can’t bring myself to spend 15-20 dollars on cartridges.

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