12 Week Update

Happy Bump Day!

It's Wednesday and on Wednesday's, my growing little turns another week. If you didn't already know, my boyfriend and I are expecting on April 29th, 2015. Today, I've hit 12 weeks and am a week away from ending my first trimester and beginning my second. Pregnancy, so far, has been relatively easy. I'm <em>extremely</em> thankful. I've surpassed morning sickness and have really only suffered from severe fatigue and mood swings. Knock on wood the morning sickness stays away!

I've already had two appointments with my OB/midwife and will be set for another one next week. At this one, I'll finally be able to hear her little hummingbird heart! I saw her and the heartbeat at my 8 week but I'm stoked to actually hear the music. It will give me relief to know all is well.

I'm guessing most of my 'bump' is mainly bloat or a bit of pudge (my food cravings can get the best of me). But, it is steadily growing and becoming harder underneath. So, little is growing and I'm excited to document our journey.

Here's a survey!:

How Far Along: 12 weeks to the day!

Size of baby: A lime or an apricot. I've known I was pregnant at exactly 4 weeks and knowing she's a lime, I don't know, brings me so much joy. It's actually tangible, something I buy daily, a size I can relate too. (Rather than a kumquat because although delicious, I rarely eat them. Nor do I ever see them available in grocery stores).

Sleep: I sleep throughout the night. Sometimes I wake up at 2am or 5am because my bladder is always on the verge of exploding. I'm always able to pass right back out.

Total Weight Gain: So far, I've actually lost about two pounds.

Symptoms: I'm still fatigued. It fluctuates but I feel I have more energy than the earlier weeks.My boobs are not as tender yet still sore with a quick squeeze. Also, I've recently started getting light headaches.

Movement: It's too early for me to feel any movement, sadly.

Maternity Clothes: I've tried a dress on but I quickly put it back on the rack. I'm not ready yet but I am keeping my eyes peeled for cute clothing items!!!

Go-to eats: Oh boy. Food. My favorite lately. Currently I am craving large portions of creamed corn and smoothies.

Best moment of the week: Knowing my baby is the size of a lime! Also, being extremely inspired by the little. I have decided to go back to school for my Bachelor's (eventually my Master's) to become a high school English teacher. I'm confident in my decision for the first time.

Gender: A co-worker of mine told me her daughter is 'a fetal whipserer' (her terms, it's cute). Initially, when my co-worker found out I was pregnant, she asked if her daughter knew. Of course, her daughter said she had no idea since she never met me. But, at a work seminar, her daughter attended as well and automatically told her mother it was a girl. This has been a consistent consensus among people. My boyfriend said, in the beginning, he had dreams of a girl. My best friend said it's a girl. Neighbors, my mother. I don't care, boy or girl, but it will be quite hilarious if it turns out to be a boy.

What I’m looking forward to: Everything. Feeling her first kick, my boyfriend feeling her, birthing my baby and finally meeting, outside, in the physical world together. The rest of forever spent with one another, learning, teaching, growing, loving.

Milestones: Reflexes are starting to develop. Lots of movement - arms, fingers, legs, kicks. Buds are forming that will eventually turn into teeth.